December 24, 2016

December 31, 2016 by Jesse

We have had a great month as we search for the bottle nose dolphins that inhabit our Laguna Madre. We have seen several pods in the channel heading to the Port of Brownsville. This week we picked up a good variate of marine life in our try net on an Eco -Tour. The Least puffer is in the Tetraodontidae family includes many familiar species, which are variously called pufferfish, puffers, balloonfish, blowfish, bubblefish, globefish, swellfish, toadfish, toadies, honey toads, sugar toads, and sea squab. Although most species live in inshore and estuarine waters, 29 species spend their entire lifecycles in fresh water. These species are found in disjunct tropical regions of South America (one species), Central Africa (three species) and Southeast Asia (25 species).  We had other critters in our net as well.  Hope to see you out on the water.

puffer puffer2 shrimp squid-2 squid img_0826

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