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 American Diving has been presenting Dolphin Watch Trips to Valley Schools since 1992. This year we have added new field trips as well as the original dolphin watch.

What makes American Diving Different?

  • We have a marine biologist and biologist on staff for the Eco Tours and Dolphin Watch providing an environmentally sound tour.
  • We have 2 vessels with total passenger capacity for 148 students.
  • We are fully supported in our efforts by Sea Turtle Inc.
  • This year we are offering field trips by water through the Amfels and the Port of Brownsville for a view of our ocean going industry.
  • We are also offering field trip by water to the Laguna Atascosa Sanctuary.

Field Trip Cost

  • Dolphin Watch and Eco Tour: hour and a half trip, $6.00 students $10.00 adults. Teachers free with each trip.
  • Laguna Atascosa Field trip: 5 hours, $12.00 for students and $18.00 for adults.
  • Port of Brownsville and Amfels: 4 hours, $10.00 for students and $16.00 for adults.


Call 956-761-4243 for reservations!



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