October 18, 2013

October 18, 2013 by Jesse

Smooth sailing this week. As always very calm on the bay as we search for the bottle nose dolphins that inhabit our Laguna Madre. We have seen several pods work there way in from the gulf. This week we picked up a scorpion fish in our try net on an Eco -Tour. The scorpion fish is in the same family as the dreaded stone-fish that usually inhabits the coast of Australia. Luckily the scorpion fish’s poison isn’t as potent. There are spines along the dorsal fin that carry poison that when introduced to the human body can cause nausea and affect the cardiovascular system as well, fluctuating heartbeat and in extreme cases cardiac arrest. The best treatment is hot water until medical attention in given.
It’s easy to avoid getting stung by almost everything on our shores by simply shuffling your feet as you wade along. This will scare away any dangerous critters that may be in your path.

Scorpion Fish 1

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