Double Sunshine (956) 761-4243

Enjoy sunshine and salt air along with refreshments and an educational presentation aboard the 60' cruise boat Double Sunshine.

The Original Dolphin Watch (956) 761-4243

One of the most unique activities on South Padre Island is the dolphin watching tour.

Dolphin Watch Eco-Tour

The Dolphin Watch and Ecology Tour combination begins with the crew of the Double Sunshine dragging a net along the floor of the Laguna Madre and bringing up live specimens of marine life.

Call (956) 761-4243 for reservations

One of the most memorable activities you will take part in while visiting South Padre is a cruise with us. Share the thrill of meeting bottlenose and spinner dolphins in the wild and experience the unique bond and kinship they inspire in mankind.

Dolphin Watch Sunset Tour

Join us for a relaxing cruise aboard the Double Sunshine and take in one of South Padre Islands most treasured assets, our beautiful sunsets.Call (956) 761-4243 to make your reservation

The Original Dolphin Watch

South Texas is a year-round home to several large pods of dolphin and The Original Dolphin Watch is your ticket to viewing them in all their natural splendor.

The Original Dolphin Watch

We'll spend our time touring the waters off of South Padre in search of spinner and bottlenose dolphins. Learn more about dolphins- from the legends and history of their relationship with man to social dynamics, feeding habits and environment.

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USS Saratoga


The crew called her “Sara” and USS Saratoga (CV-60) was ordered as a “Large Aircraft Carrier”, the fifth ship in the United States Navy (USN) to carry that battle name. Originally ordered with the identifier of “CVB-60”, Saratoga became the second of four-strong Forrestal-class aircraft carriers reclassified as “Attack Aircraft Carrier” – “CVA-60”, this on October 1st, 1952. She was ordered on July 23rd, 1952 and saw her keel was laid down on December 16th of that year by New York Naval Shipyard in New York City, New York. She was officially launched on October 8th, 1955 and formally commissioned on April 14th, 1956. Her class included lead ship USS Forrestal (CV- 59), USS Independence (CV-62, and USS Ranger (CV-70. All were conventionally- powered vessels.

Her machinery included 8 x Babcock and Wilcox boilers feeding 4 x geared turbines developing 280,000 horsepower to 4 x shafts. This allowed the vessel to make headway at 35 knots in ideal conditions. Her dimensions included a running length of 1,063 feet, a beam of 252 feet, and a draught of 37 feet. Her complete crew complement numbered 5,540 personnel. Air search and surface search radars provided the needed situational awareness apart from her accompanying fleet of ships that surrounded the carrier.

USS SARATOGA Entering the Jetties at South Padre Island

USS Saratoga

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